The Importance of the Handwritten Note!
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The Importance of the Handwritten Note!

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When you check your mail do you open the handwritten envelopes first because you can't wait to see who has written and why?

Or do you put them aside to enjoy after you are done sorting your bills and tossing the junk mail?

Whichever you choose, you find the importance of the note that comes in a unique envelope with distinct handwriting and possibly a decoration or two.

Think of how you felt the last time you opened a personal letter.  Did you feel appreciated?  Was it touching that someone thought enough to take the time to write the note, buy a stamp, and then send it off?

In a time when even birthday greetings are sent by e-mail, the personal letter is appreciated more than ever before.  Years ago, the handwritten note was expected.  Now, it is unexpected, which gives it so much more meaning.

Even if you have gotten out of the habit of writing handwritten notes, there is nothing stopping you from getting back in the habit.  

First, make it a part of your culture.  Start with the people closest to you and start small.  Write a family member a thank you card.  It can be as simple as thanking them for dinner or phone call.

Second, choose your stationery and make it personal.  This is beneficial in business as well as personal.  Thanking a client for a purchase or even some negative feedback goes a long way at building relationships in your business. 

Lastly, enjoy the reward of showing gratitude.  The Harvard Business Review published this articledetailing that the handwritten note is rare, but more important than ever.  It even says that people that express gratitude experience better health, sleep, and less anxiety.  

So there you have it.  Handwritten notes are good for your health.